We introduce you our Handmade German Silver Earring. There are variety of accessories with different designs & materials to choose from. But what makes our accessories outstands the others? The earrings we offer are especially handmade which means that no other earrings can be exactly like the one done. You may have two same designs but the details won�t be the same. It is the uniqueness of our handmade earrings. Besides, they are produced using German Silver which would not tarnish easily compared to other material & most importantly they are wallet friendly too.


Napel Simply Casual, Your Unique Choice.

German Silver Earrings

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  • 1.Before pack your order, the item will undergo quality
    checking (QC) process to ensure it is in good condition.
    2. Once the item receive by the curier company,
     the packaging is fully under their responsible. 
    Any loss or damage should be refer to the courier company.
    3.Once the item delivered to the receiver, strictly no exchange 
    or refund available.


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