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GIFT Love. Memorable Memories

Our aesthetic product is an ideal GIFT for customers to bring home. We deserve to deliver friendly, respect, warm service which full of LOVE to our value customer, in order to generate the most unforgettable and memorable memories of the day in the journey.

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Our Mission

The mission of this company is to use, support and bring up the Localized products, Our products is all 100% Handmade, with Go Green concept and Practical products. We travel far and wide to various countries, nameless town and craft villages to seek for traditional craft with aesthetic values. We also support fair trade of handicrafts as it can be a vital factor to support people especially society from poverty. Napel is not merely a brand for apparel but is a gift of LOVE, WARMTH and KINDNESS to your loved ones. Along with it comes the promise of HOPE to the craft men! GIFT Loves. Memorable Memories.

Our Products

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Our Actions

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OUR Peoples

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