GIFT Love. Memorable Memories

Our aesthetic product is an ideal GIFT for customers to bring home. We deserve to deliver friendly, respect, warm service which full of LOVE to our value customer, in order to generate the most unforgettable and memorable memories of the day in the journey.


Our Mission

The mission of this company is to use, support and bring up the Localized products, Our products is all 100% Handmade, with Go Green concept and Practical products. We travel far and wide to various countries, nameless town and craft villages to seek for traditional craft with aesthetic values. We also support fair trade of handicrafts as it can be a vital factor to support people especially society from poverty. Napel is not merely a brand for apparel but is a gift of LOVE, WARMTH and KINDNESS to your loved ones. Along with it comes the promise of HOPE to the craft men! GIFT Loves. Memorable Memories.

Our Products

  • Craft men to HOPE

    This handmade products it could be a very beautiful handmade product for people eyes, but the products that been made by the artisan actually is the income to support their family and to live their life's.

  • Greener Lifestyle

    Going green is a lifestyle change targeted at being consciously aware of the surrounding environment and how things we do affect that environment. Our products material that been used in order to save our environment and also to improve quality of life.

  • GIFT LOVE to Local

    We support fair trade of handicrafts and local products as it is or can be a vital factor to alleviate people any society from poverty.GIFT Love.Memorable Memories.

  • Quality and Practical

    By purchasing our products, you will be getting a very quality and practical products. Our products can be fit for all kind of peoples around the world. More than that, our products been made by LOVE.

Our Actions


    We will be conducting Free Market twice a year at the Pasar Awam Kuah, Langkawi. We will be giving away free apparel, stationery, jewelry and books. We are from corporate to community.


    The purpose of Visit Raya conducted is to fostering the friendship and love between the staff's family and also to get to know of their family members and family situation as well. 


    We also will be participate in Earth Hour. To show our support and save our Mother Nature.


    We conduct team building for all the entire staff. We build trust between each others,we improve our communication skills, we also boost our teamwork, we also manage to learn better conflict resolution, and also reveal everyone's hidden skills.

OUR Peoples

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    Napel Supervisor

    Naimah as a Napel Supervisor has already been 4 years with Napel team. With gratefulness feeling to be a part of this team, Naimah hopes that Napel team can take this company to a higher level, along with her ambition to make Napel as a well-known brand 

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    KAK SU

    Head Band Maker

    The story of our Headband Maker which is Kak Su. A local artisan from Pulau Langkawi. She is also a mother and also housewife. This artisan earning this income to support the family by producing this beautiful Headbands. This Headbands will be a perfect gift for your loved one. Last but not least, this product been made by love and to GIVE love to the people by creating this wonderful products.

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    Mengkuang Bag Maker

    The story of our Mengkuang Bag Maker which is Kak Siti. She is our local artisan from Pulau Langkawi. She has a lot of products which done by Mengkuang. In making of the products, she can only weave this products during rainy season or decide to awake the whole night to complete this beautiful Mengkuang Bag.  This artisan is doing this product by all alone, in order to support her family and also to make sure GIVE love to people by creating this perfect products.


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