. Parents' Day Gift with Love .

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Parents are the most precious gifts of God for children, we always wish to deliver the best gift for them! Thus, Napel cross over with Paradise Craft (PC) & Journey 2 Life (J2L) to come out different type of Green, Handmade & Healthy gift to you parent! 
PC is Napel sister brand, also promoting on green & handmade products from different local artisan. While Journey 2 Life is a vegetarian restaurant which emphasise on organic & natural foods.

*20% promotion for PC products in MIX & MATCH package.
*Free RM20 J2L dining voucher when purchase J2L products up to RM50.

Grab this your Lovely & Healthy gift to your parent before end of promotion!

Mix and Match package


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Package 3A

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Package 4


Package 2


Package 3B

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